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Welcome to Tessomo Technologies

We are a Leading Global Waste Technology Company, Committed to The Environment.

Tessomo Technologies Ltd. in a partnership with Waste Technologies LLC in Connecticut. USA and will process waste plastic to alternative fuel, aviation fuel, diesel, cooking gas, naphtha, electricity, etcetera for commercial purposes. Another by-product of the respective chemical process is TAR which can be used in building roads, coating and preserving timber.


WTL technology and know-how is a simple and economically viable process to decompose the hydrocarbon polymers of waste plastic into the shorter chain hydrocarbons of liquid fuel.


Advantage of WTL Technology and Products

  • Efficient
  • Economic (cost-effective)
  • Environment-friendly
  • 95-98% yield with minimum solid waste/ residue
  • No need to sort out waste plastics (except PETE and PVC)
  • Easy to setup (modular and mobile unit)
  • Creates jobs
  • Free/ little cost for raw materials
  • Easy to work with existing recycling and city waste facilities
  • Low investment with high return
  • ROI in Two Yrs.

Competitive Advantages

  • Other plastic recycling technologies have a narrow band of plastics they can utilize
  • Generally, #3 through #7 are a costly disposal problem.
  • Our technology is designed to be cheaper and simpler than pyrolysis (virtually all other fuel competitors)
  • We are more flexible in terms of both input (types of plastic) and output (types of fuels)

Problem: Plastic Waste

The volume of plastics being produced, used, generated, and discarded is greater than ever before.

Inventions of the twentieth century, plastics are everywhere. Society has found ample ways to use plastics. But users are less adept at managing the material when they are finished with it—often after only one use. The volume of plastics being produced, used, generated, and discarded is greater than ever before. Plastics, therefore, require increasing effort and ingenuity to properly manage. Annually, of the 80 billion pounds of plastics produced in the United States only about 6% or 4.8 billion pounds are recycled. For all the talk of plastic bans, plastic production is increasing.


Solution: Convert waste plastic to fuel


Typically, the process produces a residue of less than 2% of the weight of plastic waste.

This technology can produce approximately one liter of “WTL fuel” from one kilogram of plastic waste. The exact yield depends on the type of plastic, and the grade of WTL fuel desired. Typically, the process produces a residue of less than 2% of the weight of plastic waste.

The expansion plan of Tessomo Technology

Adding production of fertilizer to our project for agricultural purpose will not only boost our growth but expand the company's portfolio vertically and help make our environment better.



recovered materials
Recovered materials

Of plastic packaging is lost to the economy


The use of plastics has increased twenty four in the past half-century


Every day more than one million tonnes of plastic are produced worldwide


Plastic bags are used every minute.

Off-Taker Relations

"We are seeking product off-takers or buyers across Europe, North America, Africa, Australia and Asia who want to be a part of this revolution. Our products are ultra-low sulfur WTL-1, WTL-2, Gasoline, Diesel, Jet Fuel and more."

Interested off-takers or buyers can

Advisor - Investor Relations

"Nevo Venture Growth, London"

"Patricia Webber: Co-Founder & CEO"

Email: patricia@patriciawebber.com

Areas Of Specialization

  • Angel Investment
  • Capital Fund Raising
  • Family Office Advisory
  • Financial Technology


  • Eugene Ugiagbe
  • Patricia Webber (Advisor Investor Relations)
  • Theresa Ugiagbe
  • Dr. Moinuddin Sarker (Technology Inventor)


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Eugene Ugiagbe

Founder & CEO

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Theresa Ugiagbe

Co-Founder & Deputy CEO

BB.Sc - Public Administration M.SC - International Relations Assoc. Member (CIPD) M.Sc- HR Development & Organizational Change
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Dr. Moinuddin Sarker

Technology Inventor & Partner

Ph.D, MCIC, FICER, MInstP, MRSC, FARSS www.wastetechnologiesllc.com
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Vivek Aggarwal

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Master of Business Administration B.E - Aerospace Engineering
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Jade Omokri

Director Of Operations

Master of Business Administration, BSc Mathematics & Statistics, QFA, APA
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Judith Eghogho Oshokpekhai

Plant Manager

Master of Business Administration
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Manager- Sales & Procurement

B.Sc Economics
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Joining soon

Manufacturing Engineer

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Financial Controller

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Marketing Manager

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IT Manager

Host County LEO
Longford Enterprise office Great Water Street Longford Ireland Email: info@leo.longfordcoco.ie

Investor Relations

"We are presently seeking venture capital or equity funding to enable us to establish industrial plants in Europe, North America, Australia, Asia, and Africa."

We are seeking 32 million USD - "1st funding round will end soon."

"Funding can be split into 3 rounds"
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